The 2021 summertime change in Mexico aims to take advantage of natural daylight to avoid the use of electricity.

In a few weeks, winter will end and you will have to adjust your watch, so some users are already wondering: when does the new “time” start? If you still do not know just keep reading.

DST 2021 will last just over six months; This measure began to be implemented in 1996. Below we indicate when and at what time it will begin in Mexico.

This adjustment in the clock will be applied in most of the states of the Mexican Republic, with the exception of Quintana Roo and Sonora , which do not take into account summer or winter time, this for economic and tourist reasons.  Do I advance or delay the clock in daylight saving time?

On April 4, that is, the first Sunday of the month,  you will have to advance your clock one hour . When October arrives you will have to turn your watch back one hour.

We recommend that you advance your clock from Saturday, April 3, because although the change is made until 2:00 in the morning on Sunday, April 4, so you will be prepared and wake up with the new schedule. 

Benjamin Franklin, who was in France as a United States diplomatic envoy, noted that the French made better use of sunrise and began their work earlier.  It is not for nothing that he coined the phrase “early to bed and getting up early make a man healthy, rich and wise.”

But Franklin was not the first to propose to advance the clock but also a gentleman called George Hudson, it was this New Zealand entomologist who first formally suggested a time change.

In Mexico, the time change began to be implemented during the government of Ernesto Zedillo Ponce de León, in 1996, allegedly to take advantage of natural light.