Cold Front number 40 arrives in Yucatan.

Ports will be closed, and no fishing or boating will be possible.

PROGRESO Yucatan (CONAGUA) – The Regional Port Captaincy said the day before yesterday that there would be good weather this weekend. However, the cold front 40 will hit the Yucatan coasts today and last at least two days.

Due to the bad weather, the Port Authority will close the ports to minor navigation, so coastal boats and recreational vessels will not leave the Yucalpetén harbor for fishing and sightseeing.

The effects of cold front 40 will be more intense than the previous one, which only lasted a few hours, as reported yesterday, Friday, at the Regional Port Captaincy. The new cold front will last two days, today and tomorrow, Sunday, with winds of 40 to 50 kilometers and swells of one to two meters high.

According to the Regional Port Captaincy, today would dawn with bad weather. The effects of the cold front 40 will intensify during the day and persist tomorrow, which would affect the arrival of tourists.

Last night, the National Meteorological Service predicted that cold front 40 will move today over the Yucatan Peninsula and will cause in this entity a cloudy to cloudy sky, rains, and a north wind with gusts of 50 to 60 km/h. Nevertheless, hot temperatures of 35 to 40° Celsius are expected from today to next Tuesday.