Citizens join to promote canine and feline spay and neuter in the south of Mérida

Photo: (Yucatán al momento)

Mérida, Yucatán, (March 29, 2021).- Residents of the “San Marcos” subdivision, located south of Mérida, organized themselves to promote a day of sterilization of dogs and cats as a strategy to combat the overpopulation of animals that exist in this sector of the city.

The inhabitants achieved coordination between various civil associations and the Ministry of Health to perform 20 surgeries at the facilities of the “Esteban Cervera Cervera” primary school.

Luis Mezeta, legal representative of the Alliance for Social, Educational and Sustainable Development of Latin America and the Caribbean (Edusamerical), explained that overpopulation of street animals prevails in this subdivision, which is why the sterilization strategy was carried out to reduce this situation, in addition to the fact that it seeks to combat abuse and neglect.

Several people showed up with their pets, and some street dogs and cats were also operated.

In turn, Alejandra Noh Basto, an independent animal rescuer, called on society to promote the culture of sterilization of pets, as a measure to avoid a large population of street animals.

During the day, several people volunteered to register the animals, as well as help once the surgery by the veterinary specialists was over.