Citizens accuse a Tekax councilor of using her “influences” to vaccinate her friends

Photo: (Reporteros Hoy)

Tekax, Yucatan, (March 26, 2021).- A municipal councilor from Tekax and candidate for local council representative for Morena, Cindy Gorocica Cerón, generated a wave of criticism on social media after it was reported that she used her “influences” to vaccinate her friends and inhabitants of other municipalities.

In an explanatory note published on Facebook, Gorocica Cerón refuted the accusations and said that those responsible “seek to damage my image and create confusion about my role as a public servant.”

“This situation occurred because, on Thursday, March 25th, we were informed that there was a surplus of vaccines and that we were looking for older adults to receive said vaccine,” she explained.

“As part of my duties as a servant of society, I decided to go house to house where I know there are older adults and I offered to support many older adults who live in Tekax but who could not move in their own vehicle.”

“It was in that place where I met a group of people who were asked for a proof of residence in the module for the application of the vaccine, with the condition that, if there were surplus vaccines the same as on Tuesday, they would be vaccinated to which I offered to help them in the process, since these people, in addition to being Yucatecan, are in the age range for the application of the vaccine,” she said.

“As a counselor, I am aware that the procedure takes two days to be delivered, so I decided to accompany them to the municipal palace and to my surprise there were long lines of people paying their constancy and I heard from several people in the line that the municipal president was going to sign them all in an hour and not in two days as normally happens. Once the president signed the certificates, thank God the old people were able to get vaccinated after 10 hours of waiting,” she said.

“Those who know me well know that I would never do anything illegal, as I am cowardly accused”, continued the councilor.

“I do not agree with those vaccines being thrown away when they were older adults waiting to receive them. Hopefully, they have not been wasted for politicizing a pandemic issue where we have lost family, friends, and acquaintances, ” Cindy Gorocica Cerón concluded.