Black jaguar born in Merida’s Centenario Zoo is named “Booxo”

BOOXO (Photo: Ayuntamiento de Merida)

In December 2020, a jaguar cub was born in the Mérida Centenario Zoo. And finally, the feline will get a name of his own, he was “baptized” Booxo

The name makes reference to the cub’s black colored fur, as boox in Mayan language means black. 

The official announcement was made by Mérida Mayor Renán Barrera Concha at a ceremony held at the Centro Cultural Olimpo, just a few days ago. 

The name was selected from over 80 entries in a naming competition organized by the Merida Centenario Zoo. 

The winner of the contest was 8-year-old Camila Cocom Matrtínez from Chichí Suarez, Mérida, Yucatan.

The first and second runners-ups were Laura Alonzo Patrón and Ian Chacón Espinosa, who suggested the names Alam and Box Buitz respectively. 

All three children won an assortment of board games and a VIP tour to meet Booxo. The winner Camila also took home a new bicycle as well as well-deserved bragging rights. 

Jaguars are native to the Yucatán peninsula but have become an endangered species due to factors such as habitat loss and uncontrolled hunting. 

The baby jaguar’s caregivers have told the public that the cub is in perfect health, doing very well, and has already proven himself to be extremely energetic and playful.

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