A thousand-plus senior citizen in Uman, Yucatan left without Covid vaccines

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It was indicated that the local census registers six thousand seniors, but only four thousand 875 anti-Covid doses arrived.

MÉRIDA, Yucatán (Times Media Mexico).- More than one thousand elderly adults in the municipality of Umán will not receive the vaccine against the new coronavirus Covid-19, due to the fact that only four thousand 875 doses were allocated and the census of people aged 60 years and over in the municipality exceeds six thousand.

This is in addition to the repeated complaints from citizens about the disorder that, they say, prevails in the vaccination modules and the way the Servants of the Nation operate.

Unlike other communities that have received packages of the biological vaccine, such as Motul, in Umán the proof of residency was granted to people who presented proof of address, which was presumably taken advantage of by people from Mérida.

Although he reproached that fewer doses were sent than required, he said that perhaps many townspeople did not immunize out of fear, after knowing the possible reactions and because of the negative propaganda about the vaccination.

So far, the Federal Government has not informed whether the missing vaccines will be delivered, since they know that the “few” that arrive are distributed among the 106 municipalities and health personnel.

He informed that they have applied around 2,500 vaccines, including the 60 year olds from the 18 Commissariats.