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“A room without books is like a body without a soul”

by Yucatan Times
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A lending library is one of the most important pillars in every community and access to books is critical to educate, motivate, and inspire community members. 

At MEL, we know the importance of our role in our community, so we continue to work on keeping our doors open while enhancing and organizing our collection. 

Today, on World Book Day, we bring you some updates about our collection, and book recommendations by library staff and volunteers to encourage you to use our library services. 

Where is it ????….

While you wait at the entrance for your ordered books, you may be thinking that not much is happening at the library. However, behind the scenes, the Library Collection Committee (LCC) is doing the first-ever inventory of books.

As this 5-person team works to identify which books are missing (over 200 since last March’s Covid-induced lockdowns and departures), which are misfiled, and which are outdated, the result will be a more accessible, up-to-date collection.

After analyzing what MEL currently has, the LCC’s goal is to supplement the collection, using as a guide the member wish list as well as voids they’ve now identified. This will streamline the fulfillment of online and future in-person requests.

A special thanks to the people who supported our last two fundraisers, both dedicated to book purchase – the Music Museum Tour donated by Chris Collins and the concert at the U.S. Consul’s home. Both events included wine and appetizer receptions. We do extensive searches to find the best prices, via amazon.mx, gently used books at Thriftbooks.com, and generous volunteers who bring books in their luggage.

What should I read next?

Not sure what to include in your next order? Check these recommendations by library staff and volunteers, and head to www.meridaenglishlibrary.com/books to browse our entire catalog online. Email us your selections at [email protected] and we will email you back once your order is ready to be picked up!

– Recommendation by Marianne Kehoe: The Overstory by Richard Powers. This Pulitzer Prize-winning book links several people from different walks of life to save a magnificent virgin forest, one of few remaining in the world. The characters are memorable and by the end, the tree also becomes a character. Lots to ponder about what we’re doing to our planet.

– Recommendation by Janelle Masden: Mexican Gothic by Silvia Moreno-García. This page turner, lauded by NPR and the New York Times, tells the story of a Mexico City debutante who goes to a decrepit mountain mining town to rescue her cousin from her new husband who may want to murder her for her money.  It is Daphne du Maurier meets Guillermo del Toro, as there are elements of science fiction, horror and romance.

– Recommendation by Andrea Slusser: Wuthering Heights by Emily Bronte. It has all the best elements of 19th century English fiction – romance, tragedy, complicated family entanglements – without being overly long and slowly paced.  Plus, there have been a number of film versions, some more successful than others.  It’s a great story, and the complex characters of Heathcliff and Cathy draw the reader right in – even as you see the warning lights.

– Recommendation by Evonne von Boeck: Oh, the Places You’ll Go! by Dr. Seuss. A must-read for children and adults alike. Timeless and inspiring, this book is a great reminder of the ups and downs of life and how resilience is important to achieving our goals.

– Recommendation by Arantxa Reynoso: Wonder by R. J. Palacio. This is ashort and easy read that tackles the subject of bullying by offering multiple perspectives. It shows you how no one’s life is perfect and we should strive to be kinder to one another.

Want more recommendations? Email MEL or give them a call during library hours and our volunteers can help you find your next great read. 

For more information go to: MEL

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1 comment

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