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95 light meters over 30 years old found in Yucatan cenote

by Yucatan Times
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Kopomá, Yucatán (March 22, 2021).– Sergio Grosjean Abimerhi, archaeologist and cave diving specialist, reported that from the Chen Há cenote, located in Kopomá, they removed around 700 kilos of solid waste, including 95 electricity meters.

“It should be noted that these types of electronic devices have highly polluting components such as copper, lead and magnets, and our question is to know if these heavy metals were the ones that caused the death of fish that were observed dead on the bottom”, he said .

He also commented that the cleanup carried out with the support of the Bepensa Foundation unearthed these artifacts with the help of a metal detector, since the light meters were found under a thick layer of sediment.

This time, and in the presence of ejidatarios and officials of the Federal Electricity Commission (CF ), they managed to extract the devices that were possibly manufactured more than 30 years ago and were literally thrown into that cenote.

“We do not know how long they have been at the bottom of the cenote. There are devices that range from homemade to industrial, and we even found one of them solidified to a heavy ‘ghost’ of the kind used on the roads, which tells us about its age “, he added.

It was also asked to explore the area again with metal detectors and extract artifacts, since it is evident that it is impossible to remove them without dedicating several more days and with the support of heavy equipment as they have used on previous occasions.

According to the information, there are hundreds of these devices that are found under a thick layer of sediment, a product of the years of accumulation of organic matter that forces us to think that there are more of these meters, which have been decomposing and causing damage for decades environment of proportions until now unknown.

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