77 active forest fires reported throughout Mexico, and Yucatan is no exception

Forest fires map (Image: YA)

In the surrounding area of Dzemul, Yucatan, a forest fire is registered, which has already affected just over 10 hectares, reported the National Forestry Commission (Conafor).

Until yesterday, at 11 am, there were 77 active forest fires in 23 states of the country, with a preliminary affected area of 24,941.6 hectares, of which only one corresponds to the Yucatan Peninsula.

The Dzemul incident began on Friday, March 26, which according to the official report is 60 percent controlled, and 13 people are currently working on it, of which seven are from Conafor and the rest from other government agencies.

According to the information provided by the authorities, in the Mexican Republic there are a total of 16 liquidated fires, that is, they no longer represent a risk of fire spread.

Likewise, 15 forest fires are reported in 13 Natural Protected Areas (ANP).

Conafor clarified that a forest fire is an unscheduled fire within forests, jungles, arid areas or mangroves.

In the case of fires in urban and agricultural areas, these are taken care of by Civil Protection.

Finally, the report stressed that to avoid a greater risk, the call is reiterated not to use fire in the forest and surrounding areas, since high temperatures, little precipitation, and strong winds are the perfect combination to start a forest fire.

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