5 Benefits of Joining a Sports Team as an Adult

The act of joining a sports team or club seems like something that is mainly for kids and teens at school, but that isn’t always the case. If you look around your community, there will be several adult sports clubs and sports teams for you to join, and you should! Whether you are a fitness fanatic or you’ve avoided any exercise since high school, here are five benefits of joining a sports team as an adult.

Improves Fitness Levels
Playing a sport involves plenty of exercise, which decreases your body fat and increases your fitness levels. If you are unhappy with your body or your overall fitness, playing a sport is a quick way to get into shape.

Not only will exercise improve the way your body looks, but the lowered body fat percentage will also ward off health problems such as heart disease and diabetes. So, not only will you have a great body, but you will also live longer!

It’s a De-Stressor
The exercise that you will fit in by playing the sport is also great for your mood. Exercise releases happy hormones, which will help you let off steam and leave the match in a happier state. Not only that – exercise is also proven to lessen the symptoms of depression.

Even the act of getting ready for the game is a de-stressor. You’ll find when you’re getting dressed, putting in your sports contact lenses, and hydrating yourself, your stressors will fall away.

It Increases Your Social Circle
With many sports, it is more about the team than it is about the individual. The camaraderie you will experience by being a part of that will help you create life-long bonds with new friends.

Many people fail to form new friendships as adults, and joining a sports team is a great way to expand your circle while doing something you love.

It Gets You Out of the House
Many adults find that they are stuck in a dull routine of going to work, returning home, and then going back to work. While being at home and going to your job are both important, you should also find time for a hobby you love, and a sport is a perfect answer to this.

When you have had a stressful week at work, sometimes the worst thing to do is go home and take that negativity to your family. By getting rid of the stresses during playing, you will return home with a better mindset and more positivity to share.

A Great Conversation Starter
It’s no secret that sports are extremely popular all over the world. When you’re talking to someone new at a meeting, in a bar, or at a family gathering, then bringing up your sports team will be an excellent conversation starter. Most people are connected to a sport in one way or another, even if it’s just a family member who enjoys it, so you’ll see the conversation roll on much smoother.