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3 critically ill – They had Covid-19 and hid it when receiving the vaccine.

by Yucatan Times
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At least three adults have been intubated after being vaccinated. When they received the injection in the past days, they did not say that they already had the disease and the consequences have them on the verge of death. 

VALLADOLID Yucatan (Megamedia) – During the days of the vaccination campaign that lasted almost two weeks at the General Hospital of this city in the Urban Health Center, hundreds of adults over 60 years of age came to be vaccinated. Still, before receiving the dose, they were asked a series of questions according to a form they filled out with their data. They were asked if they are allergic to anything. According to their answers, it was determined whether or not they were given the reagent.

According to information from the Health Secretariat, at least three people knew they already had Covid-19 and still went to get the vaccine, which is presumed to have accelerated their condition. According to sources, they are in a delicate condition at the General Hospital, and it is even said that they are intubated, and their evolution is being monitored.

According to data from the Secretariat of Health, about ten people had adverse reactions to the vaccine. Still, all of them were treated at the same hospital and have already recovered.

More doses are expected.
Hospital personnel commented that they are awaiting the arrival of another shipment of vaccines for the medical personnel and workers of the Sanitary Jurisdiction 2, totaling more than 1,000 employees assigned to 24 municipalities in the eastern part of the State, including the Tizimín area.

It is expected that the vaccines will be sent to apply the second dose to those who received it almost a month ago and for those who did not receive it this time because there was not enough for everyone.

According to the information obtained, there are about 35 people who are hospitalized, some more serious than others, but so far, they remain stable.

Meanwhile, family members spend hours and days outside the hospital waiting for good news.

Although cases are being detected almost every day in this city, there is hope that the number of infections will begin to decrease after the vaccination campaign. However, it is believed that after receiving the second dose, they will be protected against the disease.

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