Yucatán has first-world technology and infrastructure for the training of human resources

-The Governor of the State, Mauricio Vila Dosal inaugurated the Academic Laboratory of Innovation, Design and Digital Manufacturing of the Polytechnic University of Yucatán (UPY), which is one of the two that Yucatán will have for the training of human resources in technology and of digital design in the aeronautical industry 4.0.

-Yucatán is one of the two states of the Mexican Republic that has two laboratories of this type, equipped with first-world technology that translates into greater investment attraction and better labor competitiveness for Yucatecans.

Ucú, Yucatán (February 18, 2021).- Yucatán has an educational infrastructure equipped with first-world technology and the most advanced in digital design to contribute to the specialization of human resources in technological capabilities focused on the aeronautical industry and industry 4.0, with the new Academic Laboratory of Innovation, Design and Digital Manufacturing that was inaugurated by Governor Mauricio Vila Dosal for greater investment attraction and better labor competitiveness for Yucatecans.

As a result of the cooperation between the Government of Mexico and France, within the framework of the Strategic Agenda for the development of the Aeronautical industry, through the National Network of Laboratories for Innovation and Digital Design, 8 Academic Laboratories of Innovation, Design and Digital Manufacturing will be installed throughout the country.

The President of the National Confederation of Industrial Chambers of the Mexican Republic (CONCAMIN), Francisco Cervantes Díaz indicated that, with this advance in the study of new technologies, he sets an example of transformation, not only in southeast Mexico but also at the national level.

“We congratulate both instances of the Government for this coordinated effort that will allow the youth of Yucatan to access an educational offer of very high quality and relevance since the design and 3D model, simulation, digital manufacturing, and the validation of Virtual reality products, in addition to being powerful levers for accelerating innovation, are precisely the fields of specialty that are being required by companies in Yucatan and Mexico to compete successfully in highly complex markets such as the aeronautical and automotive industries”, he pointed out.

Of these 8, Yucatán will have two: one at the UPY, focused on industry 4.0, and another will be at the Metropolitan Technological University (UTM) where students from 85 municipalities of the state attend, making Yucatán one of the two states throughout the country that have two Academic Laboratories for Innovation, Design and Digital Manufacturing.

When addressing the attendees, Vila Dosal pointed out that Yucatánhas a huge potential to become an actor in attracting investment since it has qualities such as quality of life, security, but there is also a lot of talent and it is important that the younger generations can have the opportunity to be trained in these laboratories with the highest technologies.

“When a company wants to invest in Mexico and begins to analyze different states, it is logical that it thinks about quality of life, facilities, incentives, security, but the main decision point is always the workforce and, of course, how qualified it is. And these laboratories are going to allow us here in Yucatán to have the most qualified workforce in the country, so I want to thank the vision that the Ministry of Public Education (SEP) had, not only to develop this program that is going to be carried out in 8 states of the Mexican Republic ”, the Governor concluded.