Tourist gets kicked by a horse in Cuzamá, Yucatan

Cuzamá, Yucatán (Photo: YA)

A tourist from Cuernavaca, Morelos, was injured and ended up in the hospital after receiving a kick from a horse that was towing a truck, yesterday afternoon at the “Los Cenotes De Cuzama” tourist resort.

The visitor was thanking and saying goodbye to the tour guide who walked her when she was kicked by the horse, causing injuries to her leg and hand.

The events occurred at approximately 2:30 in the afternoon, when the family from Cuernavaca concluded the tour of the “Los Cenotes De Cuzama” tourist Parador, located on the Cuzamá-Chunkanán highway.

Cuzamá, Yuc. (Photo: YA)

The visitor, identified as T.C.L, 59 years old, approached the tourist guide to thank him for his services, and at that moment she was kicked by the equine.

She received a hard blow in the right leg and the hand on the same side. It resulted in possible fractures and the injured tourist was taken to an Issste hospital in Mérida.

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