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The Superior Audit Office of the Federation is AMLO’s new enemy.

by Yucatan Times
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Morena and its allies in the Lower Congress will try to disappear this auditing body to make way for another entity that will only cover up the rampant corruption that prevails in the government of the so-called 4T.

MEXICO CITY (Times Media Mexico) – The Superior Audit Office of the Federation (ASF) and its head, David Colmenares, have become AMLO’s and MORENA’s new enemy as we forecasted a week ago. However, they made a terrible mistake. They moved back from their original posture. They succumbed to AMLO and his cronies, and as usual, the President discredit their work, saying it was all “a plot orchestrated from his enemies, the conservatives against his government.”

David Colmenares, the head of the Superior Audit Office of the Federation, made a huge mistake. He sent out a press release discrediting his own information regarding the Texcoco airport cancellation. He should have kept his word and supported his colleagues who determined those amounts. The sharks felt the blood in the water and moved against the pray. 

AMLO and MORENA are going against The Superior Audit Office of the Federation who employs hundreds of accountants and professionals. Man and women who are an example of integrity and high academic and professional standards that in no way deserve to be discredited by a man who needed 14 years to graduate from college with mediocre grades. 

Audits and other techniques for the control and supervision of public spending are carried out with the highest quality standards that exist in the field worldwide.

Audit results are not a product or are manipulated according to the tastes of those who elaborate them but are supported by hard data and, if necessary, with the respective documentary, factual, and testimonial proof.

AMLO’s accusations against the ASF are false. They are only intended to divert attention from the unprecedented levels of corruption and lack of knowledge of his government concerning public administration.

The Superior Audit Office of the Federation is a national institution that promotes the efficient, productive, and honest management of public resources and promotes transparency and accountability on the part of the powers of the Union and federal public entities, as inherent elements of democracy and the rule of law to which us Mexicans aspire.

The ASF is a body with technical and managerial autonomy, which exercises institutional scrutiny that is the foundation of the rule of law, democracy, and the division of powers.

The days of David Colmenares and perhaps the ASF are numbered. They will have to endure all kinds of pressures that will ultimately force the institution to accept the irremediable, bow to the presidential power, even against what they have worked during the years building great prestige and credibility.

Andrés Manuel Lopez Obrador, the President of Mexico, is bothered by all the autonomous public bodies and will not rest until he wipes them off the map or at least appoints one of his unconditional supporters to head them to neutralize them, as it has happened, to the National Human Rights Commission or the Civil Service Secretariat, by placing a stalwart in an eternal state of genuflection. 

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