Shipping company charges 80 pesos extra per person to cross to Cozumel

The new fee is added to the one already paid to Transcaribe for taking a car to the island.

Without prior notice, users of the maritime cargo transport route between Cozumel and the continental zone must pay an extra fee of 80 pesos each, a situation that has already been confirmed by the Transcaribe shipping company.

As of today, the cargo shipping company Transbordadores del Caribe applies the aforementioned rate per person, except for the driver.

This company, together with Ultra Carga, operates the federal route between Cozumel and the continental zone of Quintana Roo.

A source within the shipping company indicated that the charge was contemplated but remained “on hold” by a decision of the company.

If you travel alone in your vehicle you will not pay that extra fee, but for each excess passenger, you must pay 80 pesos. This means that added to the 700 pesos that a compact car is charged for a single trip with four people, including the driver; now you must pay 940 pesos in total.

The measure aroused the rejection of the population that was manifested in social networks because it makes the crossing from Calica in Solidaridad more expensive, to the Félix González Canto dock in “Caletita” in Cozumel.

In social networks, they point out that this charge will definitely inhibit the arrival of tourists in this way since a family of four in a small car must pay almost two thousand pesos to visit Cozumel on a round trip.

Family cars, depending on their size for a single trip, can pay 1,000, 1,800, and 2,100 pesos.

The representatives of the Ultra Carga shipping company have not disclosed if this rate will also apply. Until the closing of this edition, the representation of the Comprehensive Port Administration of Quintana Roo (Apiqroo) had not issued any position.

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