Regardless of the pandemic, 7 thousand visitors arrive in Progreso during the weekend

MÉRIDA, Yucatán.- With the intense heat that was experienced this weekend in the port of Progreso, the boardwalk and beach areas received thousands of visitors, in what would be the last weekend with these open spaces.

Being the last days before a period of restriction of access to beaches and boardwalks, which will cover from February 4 to 17, yesterday the port of Progreso, in its coastal areas, registered a high influx of visitors, which is good for the local economy, which has been significantly affected in recent months, but not that good for the health issue that the state is currentñy going through.

This weekend the number of people in Progreso reached about seven thousand people in two days, a figure above the average of visitors on normal Saturdays and Sundays in the port, even before the pandemic period, where according to the local authorities, the average was four thousand visitors on a normal weekend.

According to restaurateurs, service providers, and merchants, this increase in the influx of visitors was favorable for the sector as they had a higher income, however, as it occurred prior to a temporary closure of beaches and boardwalks, they expect the following weeks to be much slower, for which several businesses indicated that they will not open their doors in that period. Street vendors and semi-fixed vehicles will not work either.