Profeco detects Facebook profiles linked to oxygen tank fraud.

MEXICO CITY (PROFECO) – The Federal Consumer Protection Agency (Profeco) denounced that 1,200 Facebook profiles were detected that sold oxygen tanks at excessive prices and 130 e-commerce pages that defrauded the country’s users. 

In the morning conference, the head of Profeco, Ricardo Sheffield Padilla, detailed that these pages and profiles were eliminated from the Internet since they were selling stolen or deceiving consumers who need oxygen tanks. “So far, 1,200 Facebook profiles have been taken down, and 130 e-commerce web pages that were defrauding consumers by selling stolen or outright cheating,” he said. 

Sheffield Padilla asked consumers to return the oxygen tanks they no longer use to save more lives; “we continue to ask consumers to return the oxygen tanks, for the love of life. Return the cylinders in which you take oxygen home because that means saving someone’s life. When you empty it, return it”.