Mexico offers financial support for entrepreneurial women

(Photo: La Verdad)

Mexico.- Ana Bárbara Mungaray, head of the Productive Development Unit of the Federal Ministry of Economy (SE), informed that the agency launched the program Mujeres Solidarias, which consists of financial support for women micro-entrepreneurs in Mexico.

The SE official explained that this is one of several “Créditos a la Palabra” programs, and Mujeres Solidarias will grant a total of 25 thousand pesos to each micro-entrepreneur who registers; she reminded that the agency does not charge for these services, so she asked to be alert to avoid frauds against those interested.

The Ministry of Economy’s Mujeres Solidarias program is part of the federal government’s initiatives to promote micro-entrepreneurs and their businesses, the main creators of direct sources of employment, in order to stimulate the national economy after the health and economic emergency derived from the coronavirus (COVID-19).