Mexican government to regulate social media.

Ricardo Monreal Avila, the coordinator of the senators of Morena, Lopez Obrador’s party, assured yesterday that the Legislative Power has an obligation to “defend” the right to freedom of expression in social networks.

MEXICO CITY (SinEmbargo) – Retired Minister Olga Sanchez Cordero said this morning that the Ministry of the Interior is analyzing social networks’ regulation. Although she said she is not aware of the initiative being reviewed by the leader of the Senate of the Republic, Ricardo Monreal, Cordero said she would like to see it and support it.

“I instructed the media regulation unit to carry out a study on the possibility of regulating this type of company. I want to know and get to know Monreal’s initiative to support it, if necessary,” said the official during the morning conference.

“We already have a team of collaborators in the media unit to advance in, at least, some kind of reflections and analyze the world context on the regulation of these networks,” she added.

Ricardo Monreal Ávila, the coordinator of the National Regeneration Movement (Morena) senators, assured yesterday that the Legislative Power has an obligation to defend the right to freedom of expression in social networks.

“The Legislative Branch can neither be omissive nor indifferent to the violation of this fundamental right of freedom of expression. Surely we will soon give the debate and act accordingly,” he assured in a video posted on his Twitter account.

The Senator of Morena’s message comes after President Andrés Manuel López Obrador informed that a Twitter executive has links with the National Action Party (PAN) and after several accounts of users related to the Mexican president were deleted from the platform.

Currently, these are some of the countries where there are restrictions and regulations against social networks.
North Korea
Saudi Arabia

Is Mexico on its way towards Internet and social media censorship? With MORENA’s regulations, the government could block social media, website content and monitor Internet access. If these measures go through, we might find major platforms in Mexico to establish censorship mechanisms in the near future.



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