Merida City Council rescues “Lía”, a dog who was suffering from animal abuse in Ciudad Caucel

A quick intervention of the Animal Protection Unit can be carried out in the event of a citizen complaint.

“Collaboration between citizens and authorities is a guarantee of good results for the care of wild, domestic, and stray animals because it allows us to intervene successfully in cases of abandonment, abuse or any other situation that affects these animals”, said the mayor. Renán Barrera Concha.

An example of the above is the case of a dog, named “Lía”, who was mistreated by her owner and which, thanks to the report of next-door neighbors, today is in the hands of specialists who give her the necessary care to recover from the damage suffered.

The rescue of “Lía” began to take shape in a chat group focused on caring for wildlife. Carmen Payés, a member of that group, learned thereof a dog in Jardines de Caucel, who was tied up and out in the open all day in a house that seemed abandoned.

Carmen and other members immediately got down to work: they raised the corresponding demand before the proper authorities.

“We are pleasantly surprised because in just five days the Animal Protection Unit of the Mérida City Council had already taken care of the dog, whom we” baptized “as Lía,” Carmen said.

She stated that according to the residents of the aforementioned subdivision, the dog had been in these conditions for about two years and, even when people wanted to buy the dog from her owner to stop the abuse, the owner did not accept it.

She said that after the dog was transferred to the CEMCA, she went to carry out the procedures for them to be delivered and among several people they organized to raise funds and take “Lía” to a veterinarian to attend to her where they found her a new home.

“So far” Lía “is still hospitalized because she had severe anemia and her behavior was very aggressive, especially with men, so we think that in the past she was very mistreated,” Carmen said.

She also said that they do not know when she will be discharged and thanked all those who made her rescue possible, from the person who moved the case in networks, to the person who selflessly took the time to fill the demands, to those who continue to this day with donations to cover hospital expenses, which are $ 120 pesos a day.

“I went to CEMCA to receive Lía, I carried out the corresponding procedures so that they could deliver her to us. The staff was very friendly and explained the work they do. I have only lived in Mérida for a few months and I am pleased to know that many people are interested in the issue of adoption, ” she continued.

Likewise, she regretted that there are also many cases of owners abandoning their pets for various reasons.

The process to rescue “Lía”, by the Animal Protection Unit (UPA), began on January 15, when they received a complaint about a dog that was kept in poor condition, tied up in the open all day.

After learning about the case, members of the (UPA) went to verify the facts and found the dog in poor condition. The owner of the animal was made to see that the neglect also represented an administrative violation of the Regulations for the Protection of Fauna of the Municipality of Mérida. In the place they talked with the owner of the animal, to make her aware of the seriousness of the animal abuse situation she was involved in, and urge her to repair the damage.

Days later, on January 22, the same owner communicated to the UPA to indicate that she wanted to voluntarily turn in the dog since she does not have the financial resources for her maintenance.

The dog was immediately transferred to the CEMCA for medical examination and temporary protection until its adoption.

The Animal Protection Unit follows up on reports of animals in poor condition or in a situation of abuse, which can be made by telephone at (999) 924 4000 ext. 070 or by sending a letter to the office located on Calle 57 Núm. 459 by 52 and 54, Col. Centro (Municipal Police of Mérida) from Monday to Friday from 9:00 am to 3:00 pm

Press release issued by Ayuntamiento de Mérida