Learn the meaning of the new signage for the bicycle lanes in Mérida

The purpose of these signs is to facilitate vehicular traffic on bicycle lanes

As part of the construction of bicycle lanes in various areas of Mérida, new signage is being implemented to facilitate the use of these lanes and allow traffic to be safer for all vehicles.

State and municipal authorities have indicated that the provision of 71.7 kilometers of bicycle lanes is contemplated in the main areas of the Yucatecan capital, such as Paseo de Montejo.

They indicated that those lanes that are painted green are for the exclusive use of cyclists.

Likewise, they specified that there will also be Bus-Bike lanes, in which both vehicles will be able to circulate. These are identifiable with the symbol of a bus and a bicycle, in addition to being wider routes.

There will also be lanes where all types of vehicles will have to coexist, giving preference to bicycles.

They explained that the bike lanes will have green stripes that indicate spaces for cars to turn right to enter a street, parking lot or garage. Always with caution and giving preference to cyclists.

Similarly, the spaces enabled for parking will be marked with “T” -shaped marks, which will determine the drawers.

The avenues and traffic lights will have an exclusive waiting area for bicycles, which will allow these drivers to be more visible or to change direction easily.