Hot Yucatan weekend in the middle of the winter

This Saturday, due to the entry of humidity in surface levels, scattered cloudy clouds will remain and no rains are expected in Yucatan.

However, the intense heat will continue to prevail this weekend due to the effects of an anticyclonem syste.

Maximum temperatures of between 31 and 36 degrees are forecast and even higher numbers ​​could be registered in certain points of the western and southern Yucatan, as well as central and northern Campeche.

As if that were not enough, the thermal sensation would be around 40 degrees this weekend.

In the case of the Yucatecan capital, the minimum temperatures would be about 23 degrees, and the maximum from 32 to 35 degrees, with no probability of rain. Where there could be rains, in isolation, is in Quintana Roo.

For Sunday, a ‘Surada‘ is expected to be registered with gusting winds of up to 55 km / h in coastal areas.

According to the meteorologist Juan Antonio Palma, for this weekend and the beginning of the next, which is already March, the arrival of a new cold front is not expected.