High-quality chocolates made in Oxkutzcab: the best gift for Valentine’s Day!

Various types of chocolate are made with cocoa from the “Ticul Plantation”.

This plantation, known as “Puratos de México” is working hand in hand with a Belgian firm to produce high-quality chocolate, taking care of all sanitary standards.

Chocolateria Concho-Colate stands out for its gift boxes, which come in different presentations, these are the favorites of the people who buy these products to make a gift. And it is indeedn the ideal gift for that special person on Valentine’s Day which is only two weeks away.

Where can I find these fine chocolates?

The products can be found in the Concho Colate store located in the Yaaxhom community, municipality of Oxkutzcab (Yaaxhom is only 10 km from the municipal seat).

The store is owned by Mario Concepción Burgos better known as “Don Concho” and they work every day from 9 am to 7 pm

You can also place your orders at the numbers 9971326023 and 9971334888.