Health personnel protest in Merida they demand to be vaccinated

Photo: Por Esto

Protesters assured that only 10,000 people have been immunized against the disease in the state so far.

Around 30 health personnel demonstrated at the Monumento a la Patria because they have not been vaccinated against COVID-19.

They claim that there are more than 100,000 people working in the health sector, not counting the administrative, surveillance, nutritionists, among other personnel, and only 10,000 have been immunized.

“Our motivation is to demand that we be taken into account for the vaccine,” said José Alberto Cano, Family Physician.

Who, in addition, argues that it is a lie that Family Physicians do not have contact with Covid-19 patients, on the contrary, they care for 80 percent of the positive cases.

“We see 20 to 40 patients per day, of which between 60 and 70 percent are carriers of COVID, health authorities must understand that we are at risk,” Dr. José Alberto Cano said.

He affirmed that the first level is the cornerstone in the fight against the pandemic; but despite this, the other consultations have not stopped.

They ask health personnel to wear a badge indicating that they have not been vaccinated, to inform the population about it.