“Go steal elsewhere. Mexico is no longer a land of conquest” – AMLO to foreign companies.

López Obrador pointed out that in previous presidencies, companies used the country for personal gain, but be assured that this is over.

LA PAZ, Baja California Sur (Times Media Mexico) – Andrés Manuel López Obrador went again on a rant about the past and, as it has become a usual act, said that in previous six-year terms, foreign companies in the energy sector used the government to take advantage of the country, which is why they saw Mexico as a land of conquest, but be assured that this is over and said: “go steal somewhere else.”

While inaugurating the La Paz-Pichilingue highway section and accompanied by Governor Carlos Mendoza Davis, the President assured that the energy sector is being managed with great efficiency and honesty. 

“During the neoliberal period, only businesses were important. They used the government for personal gain. They held the government hostage. They only cared about plundering Mexico, companies, especially foreign ones, who saw us as a land of conquest. All that is over now. Go steal somewhere else. Here corruption is no longer allowed”, he said.

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