Flooded homes in Mérida and Kanasín after the intense rain

Photo: Yucatan Ahora

Mérida, Yucatán (Feb. 19, 2021).- The intense rain that fell during practically the whole night left floodings in different parts of the municipalities of Mérida and Kanasín.

According to the Yucatan Meteorology report, 81 mm of rain had fallen in Mérida last night, which would be the most intense rain since Hurricane Delta, when 110 mm fell.

Conagua reported a cumulative 54 mm until 4 in the morning.

Photo: Yucatan Ahora

The SSP attended reports on properties in the following neighborhoods: Juan B. Sosa, Chichén Itzá, Adolfo López Mateos, Máximo Ancona and Lázaro Cárdenas, Colonia Industrial.

Also in Kanasín, subdivisions such as Vergel (five properties), Del Parque, Villas Oriente Kanasín, Fontana Kanasín, Del Sol Kanasín and Colibrí Kanasín, reported damages.

Also in the Morelos Oriente, Miraflores (two properties), Dolores Otero, San Pablo Oriente and Santa Rosa.

In the San José subdivision, SSP police officers helped evict a woman and her baby.

In the Serapio Rendón III subdivision, a family had to be evacuated.

Photo: Yucatan Ahora



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