Fisherman missing after falling from his boat in Yucalpetén

The Captaincy of this Port reported that a crew member of the fishing vessel “Marinero IV” is lost at sea, after falling off the boat not far from the coast of Chelem (Progreso municipality) last Wednesday night.

His name is Henry Concepción Árias, he was returning from his fishing journey to the port of Yucalpetén, but after falling into the sea the skipper of the boat requested help when he realized that his crew member was not on board the boat.

Since Wednesday night, officers of the Ninth Naval Zone of Yucalpetén with the support of the amphibious firefighting base of the fisherman base and other vessels belonging to the owner of the fishing boat, have been searching the area off the coast of Chelem.

It was reported that the weather conditions are not adverse, so it was possible that a boat returning to the port could rescue him.

The search would continue since it is presumed that this fisherman could not yet be far from the coast of the port of Progreso.