Economic aid for Yucatecan fishermen during the ban on grouper

Erik Rihani González (Photo: Ayuntamiento de Progreso)

Progreso, Yucatán, February 15, 2021.- Erik Rihani González, from the Directorate of Fisheries Management of the State Secretariat of Sustainable Fisheries and Aquaculture (Sepasy), attended the signing of agreements with several businesses in Progreso and Telchac Puerto so that fishermen can make their purchases with vouchers in these establishments, this is part of the program “I respect the ban on grouper 2021” (Yo respeto la veda del mero), this Monday, Feb. 15th.

In the municipality of Progreso, the “La Fuente” deli, the “La chaparrita” mini-supermarket, the “Surtidora Ferretera Peninsular” hardware store, as well as the “La esperanza” grocery stores, in the Chicxulub Puerto community, and “The Rosary of Fatima” (El Rosario de Fátima) from Telchac Puerto they all joined the program.

Complying with all sanitary measures, Rihani González personally went to each of the aforementioned businesses where the signing of agreements was carried out.

“Let us remember that this program not only helps the Yucatecan families dedicated to fishing, but we also promote the economic reactivation of the State. With the vouchers that we grant, they can go to these establishments and purchase all kinds of basic food products, household items, and even construction material, ”said Rihani González.

María Marin Euán, from the “La Fuente” deli, said that this program should help her business improve sales too. 

Mr. Roberto Serralta from the “La Esperanza” store in Chicxulub Puerto assured that it will be of great benefit since many fishermen live in the area.

In Telchac Puerto, Mr. José Erguera from the “El Rosario de Fátima” store assured that the vast majority of those who come to exchange their vouchers, buy food such as fruits, vegetables, and meats.

Finally, the hardware store “Surtidora Ferretera Peninsular” also joined the program. Thus, the beneficiaries will be able to exchange their vouchers in said establishment for electrical equipment, plumbing, paint, tools, among others.

Finally, Erik Rihani made a call to the owners of businesses who wish to register and benefit, since the program “Respect the ban on grouper 2021” will continue until March 31 with the delivery of vouchers, which can be exchanged in registered establishments until April 30.

It should be noted that, for this year, the list of beneficiaries grew to 12,122 fishermen from 57 municipalities across the state, which was almost 20 percent more than in 2020, year in which 10,208 people dedicated to fishing activities were supported with an investment of 48.9 million pesos.