Dead body found near Xmatkuil, could be a homicide victim

Long gone are the days when there were no homicides in Mérida.

The Ministry of Public Security carries out an operation in the south of Mérida due to the discovery of a body in an empty lot near the Xmatkuil-Dzununcan road.

Apparently, it is a homicide, as there is a witness who claimed to have heard screams from some people shouting: “Kill him, kill him!”

The discovery was made about 500 meters to the south of the mentioned highway, on a dirt road known as the old platform road.

The body belongs to a person of approximately 35 years of age, a male who wore a blue shirt and blue jeans.

The body showed signs of violence, so the local authorities are handling the situation and conducting the corresponding investigations to find the people responsible for this crime.