Clandestine bullfight suspended by police in Baca

Photo: Yucatan Ahora

BACA, YUCATAN (February 1, 2021).- After a citizen complaint, a clandestine bullfight was suspended by police in the municipality of Baca, Yucatán.

The event was held at the Los Cardenales ranch, owned by Yucatecan José BG, and there were about 150 people who were not respecting the security measures against Covid-19.

Baca is located 32 kilometers (20 miles) northeast from Merida (INEGI)

After the report, several police officers went to the scene and verified the fact, so they proceeded to send everyone home, and the bullfight was suspended since this type of event is not allowed during the pandemic.

The police withdrew the crowd and returned minutes later to verify that the event had been totally canceled and that there was no one left in the bull ring.