Cancun Airport starts February with 29 fewer international flights

Air France aircraft at Cancun Airport (Photo: Riviera Maya News)

On the last day of January, the Cancun International Airport closed operations with 29 fewer international flights, between departures and arrivals. On the first day of restrictions on air operations by Canada, three of the five scheduled departures from airports in that country were canceled.

According to the flight monitors, on Sunday, January 31, at least eight operations were scheduled between the Cancun international airport and the Montreal, Toronto, and Calgary air terminals, three departures from the Caribbean and five arrivals, of which the last three were canceled.

In general, the scheduled operations for January 31 were 357: 178 arrivals (68 national and 110 international) and 179 departures (70 national and 109 international).

A day before (January 30), 367 flights were reported: a total of 187 arrivals (62 national and 125 international) as well as 180 departures (57 national and 123 international), that is, 15 more international arrivals and 14 more international departures than the day before.

It was last Friday when the Canadian government determined the cancellation of flights as part of the strategy to prevent more cases of Covid -19, despite the fact that it already had some restrictions to inhibit flights, requesting PCR tests as well as a mandatory quarantine.

The measure will prevail until April 30, a situation that affects the Mexican Caribbean destination, since the first quarter of the year is the peak season for Canadian travelers.



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