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Breast cancer figures decrease in Yucatan

by Yucatan Times
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In 2020, Mexico registered 12,296 cases of malignant breast tumor, with a reduction of 19.95 percent compared to 2019, when the sum was 15,361 affected.

In the case of Yucatán, there were 178 people diagnosed in 2020, with a decrease of 46.39 percent, since during the previous year there were 332.

According to the Federal Health Secretariat, all women from 18 years of age must self-examine their breasts, turning 25 years old, they must have an annual check-up with the gynecologist, and from 40 years onwards, have a mammogram every two years.

The women who are most at risk of suffering from it are those who have excessive consumption of tobacco and alcohol, obesity or have had a relative with some type of oncological disease.

Women who had their first baby after the age of 30, have taken oral hormones, either for birth control or menopause, as well as those who have had longer menstruation cycles when starting to have a greater chance of developing this disease are also more likely to develop this disease. an early age and start menopause after age 55.

Likewise, it was stated that there are four stages of this condition, in phase one and two it can be controlled until it is eradicated, in phase three and four it is controlled to extend the life of the patient.

Previously, most women were seen when they were in stage three and four, today more cases are seen in stage one and two, as a result of early detection

When diagnosed early, treatments can last from one and a half to six and a half years, depending on the person’s body; On the other hand, in an advanced stage the treatment is forever and its life span can be extended up to seven years.

Yucatán was ranked 22nd in the national incidence table, with 1.45 percent of the country’s total, Campeche was in step 23, with 162 cases, 1.32 percent, and Quintana Roo, in position 24, with 118, 0.96 percent.

Regarding gender, in the Mexican Republic, there were 12,102 women, 98.4 percent, and 194 men, 1.6 percent, while in Yucatan there were 176 women, 98.9 percent, and two men, 0.1 percent.

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