Armed men invade and kidnap specimens in an animal conservation center


Puerto Morelos, Quintana Roo (Feb. 24, 2021).- Since Friday, February 19th, a group of armed people has held a large number of wild animals kidnapped in the “Crococún” Wildlife Conservation Center and prevent caretakers from accessing the facilities, denounced the Association of Zoos, Breeding and Aquariums of Mexico ( Azcarm).

Ernesto Zazueta Zazueta, president of the group, says that improvised buildings are under construction and that the excessive noise and the presence of intruders cause severe stress to the animals, as well as disturbances in their habitat, which puts their lives at risk.

“What these people are committing is a serious environmental crime since they have literally “kidnapped” hundreds of specimens of wild fauna that require daily supervision, appropiate food and certain care to survive, and achieve the preservation of their species, many in danger of extinction ”, he warned.

According to their statements, this serious event occurs after Crococún personnel received threats from people from the company Cuinba SA de CV, demanding the delivery and eviction of the property “without any documentation involved.”

It is reported that hundreds of animals are at risk as they lack proper care, food, and/or maintenance. The people who illegally broke into the facilities with machetes, sticks and knives, it has been said unofficially that they killed some of these wildlife specimens. Fact is, since Feb. 19th, no specialized personnel has access to the place.