Another drug bust in Yucatan: 380 kilos of weed

MÉRIDA, YUCATAN (February 23, 2021).- During security and surveillance actions on highways in the state of Yucatán, members of the National Guard secured around 380 kilos of marijuana that was hidden between lumps of lime; one person was detained.

At kilometer 220 + 700 of the Chencollí-Umán highway, in the municipality of Umán, national guards had contact with the driver of a light unit truck that circulated with Chiapas state license plates.

The driver agreed to carry out a security inspection of the unit and so the national guards located 34 packages and four PVC tubes made with adhesive tape that contained the drug and which were hidden among the shipment.

To follow up on the investigations and determine the exact type and weight of the substance, the person together with the drug and the unit remained at the disposal of the Attorney General’s Office in the state, after reading the Book of Rights that Assist People in Detention and fill out the National Registry of Detentions.