Bikeway flowerbeds in front of the Conquistador Hotel (Photo: Grupo Megamedia/Diario de Yucatan)

A hotel owner has filed an injunction against the construction of the bicycle lanes on Paseo de Montejo.

MERIDA Yucatan (Megamedia) – Hotelier Jorge Carrillo Saenz, president of the Yucatan Tourism Business Council and member of the “Paseo de Montejo Foundation,” filed an injunction against the installation of the bicycle lanes on Paseo de Montejo in response to the disagreement of the members of the foundation.

In Mr. Carrillo’s case, there is a direct impact on his business since the state government installed flowerbeds in front of his hotel, preventing parking for buses’ that carry guests. The businessman explained that the foundation he presides represents multiple properties and businesses on Paseo de Montejo and was never consulted about the project.

He also expressed that they have never been against bicycle lanes, but it is essential to do it where they are needed. He said that there are other areas of the city where there is an urgent need to organize traffic, where cars and cyclists interact, as in Periferico, but not Paseo de Montejo.

In Carrillo Saenz’s opinion, the ideal situation would have been not to modify the lane measurements and place the bicycle lane on Paseo de Montejo’s walkways.