López Obrador pays no attention to any voice that does not reaffirm his vision. He rejects experts, academics, and intellectuals. He closes the door to any position that invites him to reconsider.

MEXICO CITY (El Financiero) – Every day we see these extreme attitudes of the President of the Republic that communicate that his will is done here. The law does not matter. The legal framework is irrelevant. According to his holy will and whim, he does what he wants, instructs, and disposes of whatever he wants.

Obsessed with a transformation project that does not transform but destroys, the country remains essentially the same, except with more millions of poor people, many hundreds of thousands of deaths due to the irresponsible clumsiness of the health sector daily deterioration of institutions and democratic values.

AMLO gives instructions to the legislators, what the heck? According to him, they are his employees. “Not a comma is to be modified to the electric reform project.” It does not matter that it is illegal, that it violates the Constitution, that it is based on the false premises of the “thieving foreigners” or the pretension of recovering an electric monopoly that controls the market and the rates, besides seriously contaminating the environment. It is done as he commands because “he says so.”

It does not matter that the Court has ruled against it and qualified the initiative as “illegal” for the Ministry of Energy policy to grant benefits and advantages to the CFE. Because “AMLO says so,” it is necessary to return to the past because he has the obscurantist idea that it was better to have an electric monopoly and an oil monopoly.

Because “he says so,” he does not use a facemask, even though all international health organizations recommend it as an effective and proven preventive measure against contagion. He does not care and sends a distorted example to a population infected by thousands every day.

Because “he says so,” the Attorney General’s Office of the Republic grants billions of pesos (three billion to be exact) without any bidding or contest. Not only does it violate the law and bypass a series of regulations, but also, who knows who the beneficiaries of these contracts are.

Because “he says so,” a barely remodeled airbase and an airstrip -that already existed- are inaugurated to send the symbolic message that the Santa Lucia airport is already operational. Another symbol of his government constructed on falsehoods. There is no passenger terminal, no secondary ways, no access road to the new airport. The government of symbols dilutes and evaporates.

Because “he says so,” crimes and charges are negotiated with those charged and accused by his government, symbols of corruption that he claims to have eliminated. Alonso Ancira promises to return 200 million dollars (the negotiation ends in 219): the bargaining chip, his freedom.

Rosario Robles’ defense accepts to negotiate the withdrawal of charges by the Prosecutor’s Office in exchange for? We do not know, but it will indeed imply disclosing a series of data that may implicate other characters.

Justice is politics, not the legal exercise of sanctioning crimes committed and sentences applied. Here it is all about the circus, the show. Emilio Lozoya remains in his residence, launching accusations that do not hold up. The accused who accuse, to apportion blame, and the regime allows him to do so.

Because “he says so,” billions of pesos are thrown away in the middle of a health crisis for the construction of a refinery that we do not need, of an ornamental peninsular train, and the rescue of the oil parastatal that deserves a complete restructuring to see if it reaches competitiveness in the international markets.

Because “he says so,” the unpresentable and inefficient Jorge Alcocer and Hugo Lopez-Gatell, responsible for the greatest sanitary crime in Mexico’s history, remain in their Health Secretariat positions.

Because “he says so,” the national vaccination plan will be operated by the ‘servants of the nation,’ an “army” of 27 thousand members, used for electoral manipulation under the President’s orders. 

Because “he says so,” the vaccine will be an instrument of electoral proselytism, under the fictitious banner of “the poor first.” There you have the scandalous resignation of the most experienced vaccination director in this country last January 16 for refusing to dispense the vaccine for partisan purposes.

López Obrador listens to no one. He pays no attention to any advice or voice other than to reaffirm his vision. He rejects experts, denies requests to academics and intellectuals, closes the door dismissively to any position that invites him to reconsider.

He whips, accuses, disqualifies, points out as opponents, conservatives, defenders of past privileges to all those who invite him to reflect on the health strategy, which has only caused 168,000 deaths until yesterday. To review the energy strategy that goes against the world by rejecting clean energies and preferring coal and pollution.

He governs under “because I say so.” Not by consensus, not by agreement, not by the extensive electoral support obtained in 2018, which he degrades every day. He governs by command, convinced that he and only he knows the course the nation must follow—an enlightened, solitary man’s government. 

Leonardo Kourchenko
La Aldea

Leonardo Kourchenko has been a scriptwriter, producer, broadcaster, reporter, correspondent and special correspondent in written media, radio and television. He is a professor, lecturer and contributor to newspapers in the US and Latin America.

Email – lkourchenko@elfinanciero.com.mx