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75% of Yucatecans in the US are undocumented (Indemaya)

by Yucatan Times
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Merida Yucatan (February 5, 2021).- The announcement of better conditions for migrants by President Joe Biden will allow a greater number of Yucatecans to legalize their stay in that country and achieve more benefits. 

Of the nearly 200,000 Yucatecans living in the United States, only 25% have achieved their legalization, reported Erick Villanueva Mukul, director of Indemaya.

The official explained that the Ministry of Foreign Relations (SRE) has issued different announcements for Mexican migrants through its consular services, to update or register on the electoral roll, obtain their voter credentials, and vote in the next elections. June 2021.

He said that 70% of Mexican immigrants voted for Democrat Joe Biden in the elections in that country.

“There are no exact figures on the number of Yucatecans who voted by mail in the last elections of 2018, but it is important to establish that there is an important determinant of the nationals to participate in the next elections,” he said.

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The arrival of President Biden to the White House brings important announcements, one of them is that he has signed a determination to legalize more than 10 million migrants. In Indemaya data, a high percentage of undocumented Yucatecans living in California, Oregon, New Mexico, and Texas have insistently requested legal advice to legalize their stay.

Another of the US president’s announcements is the regularization of the so-called “dreamers”, students and children who came to the United States and will now be able to have recognition and legal stay, in addition to their legal participation in the public life of that country.

In this issue, there is no detailed record of the number of Yucatecan children who are residing in the United States or were born there, but it is definite that there are a significant number of them and they will be able to receive that benefit.

“Year after year, many more people, primarily from the central and southern areas of the state, seek a new horizon in life by migrating to the United States. More and more people travel supported by their families, which is why remittances and benefits in the communities have risen ”, he highlighted.

“However, there are thousands of people who have not yet managed to achieve residency and nationalize and help themselves with the many economic and social benefits that that nation has, so the announcements that the new Government has issued are very encouraging,” he said. ”.

Finally, the interviewee reported that in 2020 the numbers of Yucatecans trapped and deported due to US migration were very few. The National Institute of Migration in Mexico reported that 0.2% of all deported nationals were of Yucatecan origin. 

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