10% of the AstraZeneca vaccines applied in one day: Lopez-Gatell

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During the first day of the start of the senior citizens’ vaccination Covid-19 vaccination campaign, a total of 87,472 doses of the AstraZeneca were administered nationwide, reported the Undersecretary of Health, Hugo López-Gatell.

According to the federal official, the drugs that were injected yesterday are equivalent to 10 percent of the 860 thousand 450 vaccines from AStraZeneca / Oxford that Mexico received last week.

He explained that the doses were distributed in the 32 entities of the country; however, in Tamaulipas and Nuevo León they could not start immunization against SARS-CoV-2 due to the low temperatures and the blackouts that have been recorded.

“Yesterday there were some states, main Tamaulipas and Nuevo Leon that could not start with the vaccination process due to climatic reasons. If it had been taken out in the open, the dose would have been damaged and the other reason, older adults may be affected by the cold ”, he commented, recognizing the decision of local governments.

He assured that if the rate of vaccine application continues like yesterday, in 10 days the more than 860 thousand AstraZeneca vaccines could be applied, which would mean an advance in the immunization of more than 15 million older adults as projected.

López-Gatell clarified that the vaccination of health personnel has not yet finished, which at the moment already has 86,198 complete schedules (two doses), and 622,658 are still waiting for a second dose.

He announced that due to bad weather conditions, the shipment of more than 490 thousand doses of Pfizer has been delayed and a part of it will arrive in Nuevo León on Tuesday, Feb. 16th. Meanwhile, another flight is waiting in the United States for authorization to leave for Mexico City.