Yucatecans do not ‘take care of themselves’ and thus infect their much older relatives

(Photo: SIPSE)

They must become aware of the danger of contagion they represent for senior citizens and people with chronic degenerative diseases.

MÉRIDA, YUCATAN.- Faced with the vulnerability of older adults with chronic diseases to Covid-19 , Martha Eugenia Montemayor Curiel, head of the Issste in Yucatán , asked young people to comply with the corresponding preventive measures, as many of them may be asymptomatic carriers without knowing it.

Montemayor Curiel said that although most of the older adults have remained at home, they are usually infected by young people and other adults without symptoms who are socially mobile and do not take care of themselves, for which he reiterated the call to comply with preventive care measures and help to protect the vulnerable population. 

The Issste in Yucatán asks to work in solidarity and responsible in the face of the pandemic and to comply with the recommendations to cut the chains of contagion. 

Another important factor associated with the increase in the diagnosis and severity of patients with coronavirus, he added, is the association with comorbidities.

 “We are a country with a high rate of diabetes, systemic hypertension, and obesity, circumstances that favor older adults being hospitalized for serious lung diseases such as Covid-19.” 

Finally, the head of the ISSSTE Yucatan recommended that the population be alert to warning signs such as a dry cough, high temperature, shortness of breath, and chest pain, and if the discomfort persists it is time to go to a Covid hospital to be evaluated by a specialist.