Yucatan is ready for the first stage of the vaccination campaign

Governor Mauricio Vila Dosal headed this day the session of the State Vaccination Council before the start of the implementation of the vaccine application strategy for COVID-19, with which Yucatán prepares for the first stage of this plan.

Accompanied by military authorities, as well as representatives of health institutions and state research centers, Vila Dosal chaired this meeting that aimed to strengthen coordination ties between state health institutions, standardize criteria and bases for vaccination, so that the process runs as orderly and efficiently as possible.

“On the subject of vaccination, there can be no political interests, we all have to do our part so this can be a fast and efficient vaccination, that allows our health personnel to be certain that they will be safe, that they will not be infecting their family and that they will be able to continue fighting the great battle that they are fighting at the forefront of this pandemic in all hospitals”, stated the Governor.

In the act held at the International Congress Center, Vila Dosal indicated that the historical challenge of vaccinating so many people in such a short period of time requires coordinated and inter-institutional work, for which he reiterated that the State Government makes all its infrastructure and equipment available to carry out this strategy.

In that sense, the Governor asked the participating institutions to get to work immediately, because according to the Federation’s schedule, the first vaccines would be arriving in the state as of January 12. “There is no time to lose, we all have to put in a significant effort.”