US couple ends up overturned on the Mérida-Cancún

A couple of tourists from the United States, who vacationing in Yucatecan lands, ended up overturned at one side of the road, after losing control of their rental vehicle on the Mérida-Cancun toll highway.

According to what was reported, DCA, 54 years old and originally from the United States of America, was driving a Chevrolet Aveo, white with Quintana Roo license plates, but at kilometer 206 of the Mérida-Cancun “superhighway”, he lost control of the car and ended up overturned at one side of the road .

The car came off the asphalt tread and ended up inside the bush, overturned and its wheels still spinning.

Fortunately, the driver and her passenger were not seriously injured.

Agents of the Ministry of Public Security and the National Guard Roads and Highways Division arrived at the site, who learned about it, supported the foreigners, and flagged the place.