Two passengers were taken to the hospital as soon as they landed in Merida

A passenger who arrived at the Mérida Airport from Mexico City had to be taken to a hospital after presenting abdominal discomfort and headache during the flight.

Before the landing of the airdraft, an ambulance from the SSP was requested to take the passenger directly to the Military Hospital.

The flight arrived at approximately one in the afternoon, and as soon as the plane touch the ground, the 80-year-old passenger was immediately transferred to the ambulance. She said that during the flight she began to present abdominal pain, general fatigue and headache.

She said that she suffers from high blood pressure and controlled diabetes, which was taken into account by the paramedics who took her to the Military Hospital in Mérida, accompanied by her grandson.

This was the second case of an air traveler who had to be taken to a hospital as soon as the aircraft that brought him landed in Mérida.

The first was a 79-year-old passenger who began to feel ill in mid-flight, and was assessed by a doctor who was also traveling as a passenger.

He was transferred encapsulated to the Star Medica Hospital, as he presented respiratory distress and blood pressure.

Later his relatives reported that it was an episode of passenger anxiety, and it was ruled out that he suffers from Covid-19.

The problem arose during the flight, because when it came down to the ground it was already stable. However, as a procedure, he was transferred to the hospital as a suspect of Covid-19.