This is not fake SSP arrests a dog for killing a cat in Mérida

Through social networks an event that took place in the city of Mérida has gone viral, a dog that goes by the name of Braulio, and whose owner is an elderly woman, escaped from the house, to later end the life of a cat.

The action upset the kitten’s owners, who are asking for 1,500 pesos in compensation for the animal’s life. Those who were responsible for the canine, accepted the responsibility, partially granting one thousand pesos to those affected, and signing a promissory note for 500 pesos more, however, the deal was not accepted by the affected party.

The dog was detained and taken into the custody of the state authorities, the four-legged accused was taken away on unit number 6190 of the state police, so the case will presumably go to trial, and a lawsuit will be awaited, despite the fact that the owners of “Braulio” do seek to be held responsible.

The dog’s owner revealed that he went to the prosecution, but that there is still no lawsuit for the attack of the animal, and that the fate of the canine is most likely to end up in the municipal kennel early next week.

“We can’t see our dog, we don’t know if they are going to feed him, we wish the police would do their job that well with real criminals,” posted the owner of the animal.

The family assures that they want to take responsibility for the canine’s action, however, they regret the apparently unfair attitude of the officers, who do not let them be in contact with their pet, and they claim to fear that the dog’s life could be in danger.