State government provides incentives to encourage henequen production

In support of Yucatecan farmers dedicated to the henequen activity, the State Government is providing support for the Henequén Fiber Production Incentive program, through which more than 1.5 million pesos are allocated in favor of 532 men and women of 32 municipalities dedicated to this traditional activity, to help them get ahead and reactivate their economy after the effects of storms, hurricanes, and global pandemic.

The head of the Rural Development Secretariat (Seder), Jorge Díaz Loeza, supervised the start of the first payments, corresponding to the July-October 2020 period, to producers from the municipalities of Huhí, Homún, Cuzamá, and Tecoh.

Cástulo Chan Aké, from the municipality of Huhí, who is one of the 532 who received the stimulus, commented that the support comes at a good time to invest in his source of work since last year he suspended the planting of new crops so as not to lose it due to the heavy rains and floods caused by the meteorological phenomena that hit the state.

The henequen producer, with more than 40 years of experience in this activity recognized the work that Governor Vila Dosal is doing to promote Yucatecan agriculture, noting that the state has made great efforts to continue supporting the neediest families.

“What the government is doing is very positive, this money that I receive today comes at a good time, we already needed it at home, so we will buy what we need to feed the family, hopefully, they will continue to support us” Chan Aké pointed out.