Senior citizen found dead inside Mérida downtown property

A man known as “Don Víctor”, about 68 years old and a native of Guadalajara, was found dead in a property in downtown Merida, where they used to rent a room.

The man found in an advanced state of decomposition, was identified by the woman who rented him the room.

The discovery was made in the property on Calle 57 (between 42 and 44) in the center of Mérida, where “Don Víctor” rented one of the rooms.

The man was a regular drinker and had come to live there a year ago.

The last time they saw him alive was Tuesday, January 12th.

This morning he was found lifeless, lying in a hammock and in a state of decomposition.

It is unknown if he has any relatives in Merida. The neighbors only know that he was originally from Guadalajara, Jalisco.