Río Lagartos fishermen remove their nets in favor of Flamingo

Fishermen from Río Lagartos and staff of the National Commission for Protected Natural Areas (Conanp) reached an agreement to remove all fishing nets that seafarers had placed in the estuary (la ría) where the pink flamingo nest.

Every year for this season, given the impossibility of going to sea in the north that hit these days, fishermen place longlines in the estuary.

Usually, this human activity is not opposed to the nesting of flamingos, but this year the birds anticipated their reproduction cycle due to the weather phenomena.

Against this background, they spoke with the fishermen, as longlines represent a danger for flamingos.

Following an agreement, they agreed to remove their longlines and nets so that they do not pose a risk to waterfowl.

Ría Lagartos (Photo: YA)