Pemex duct explodes in front of Dos Bocas refinery.

Pemex said that there are no effects on staff and facilities so far and noted that the incident’s causes are under investigation. Experts fear that the accident will bring major consequences to the environment.

PARAISO Tabasco (Times Media Mexico) – A fire in an oil pipeline in front of the marine terminal of Dos Bocas in the coastal municipality of Paraíso, Tabasco, was registered, generating concern in the fishing sector locality.

The producers of the area fear that this accident will affect the mangroves and oyster beds. Meanwhile, Petroleos Mexicanos (Pemex) reported that the incident was controlled and explained that it was caused by loss of containment in the pipeline that transports production from marine platforms to the Coastal Separation Battery in front of the Dos Bocas Marine Terminal.

Explosion Dos Bocas

The area’s fishermen assure that the incident caused an oil spill and although Pemex informed that the Emergency Response Plan (PRE) was activated to control the hydrocarbon emanation and the duct operation was temporarily suspended. Experts fear that the accident will bring consequences to the environment.

Through a press release, Pemex explained that oleophilic barriers were placed and that there are emergency attention vessels in the site.

Pemex assured that so far, there are no affectations to the personnel and facilities and pointed out that the accident causes are being investigated.