Nuevo Leon to acquire its own vaccines.

Andrés Manuel López Obrador (right) and NL Governor Jaime Rodríguez Calderón in September 2018 Archive- photo: Cuartoscuro

According to Nuevo Leon’s governor, he already maintains contact with pharmaceutical companies; the objective is to accelerate the process to immunize the population. He highlights

NUEVO LEÓN (El Excelsior) – State Governor Jaime Rodríguez said he will propose to President Andrés Manuel López Obrador that Nuevo León buy its own vaccines. After welcoming the new commander of the seventh military zone, Andres Valencia, the governor said that the issue of vaccination of the population is an issue that will give more speed.

“We have to work hard on the vaccination issue. In the case of Nuevo Leon, we are going to try to be faster. We are going to try to make the vaccination in a better way than how the Federation has proposed it,” he said.
“Now that the president comes, I am going to propose to him that way, that Nuevo Leon can buy all the necessary vaccine, we are already in contact with several laboratories,” Rodriguez indicated.

The governor said that at the moment, they are already in talks with businessmen of the state to buy the vaccines with the laboratories.

He added that during this Friday, Mexico’s president would visit the state to inaugurate a work in Sabinas Hidalgo and the municipality of Linares. He will propose to the national president to authorize the purchase for Nuevo Leon. “What I am going to try with the president is to convince him to let us make a local plan, where we are not going to ask the Federation for money,” explained the state leader.

The state president said that he would look for a space with the president until next Friday to make him aware of the state’s strategy. He says we can, but he has control of Cofepris. You already know the president”, said the governor.