Motorcycle explodes inside a property in Mérida killing one

Merida Yucatan (January 28, 2021).- One dead and one injured was the result of an explosion of a motorcycle inside a home in the Las Nubes subdivision.

The events occurred on the morning of this Friday, Jan. 29th, when residents of Calle 115 (between 36 and 38), of the Las Nubes subdivision, Paseos de Opichén, reported an explosion inside a house to the emergency number 911.

At the scene, agents of the state police arrived along with firefighters who, upon arrival, realized that inside a house there was a burning motorcycle and a person was badly burned.

They immediately put out the flames and rescued a woman with second and third-degree burns inside the property, as well as a minor who was on the roof of the house requesting help.

The woman and the minor were rushed to a hospital. The area was cordoned off so that experts and elements of the State Attorney General’s Office can take indications and lift the body.

The now deceased was identified as René Cox Mukul, 55, who was a former state policeman, current newspaper delivery man for Por Esto, with a second job as a food delivery man.

Until now, the causes that originated the motorcycle explosion are still unknown.

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