More than 300 businesses sanctioned for non-compliance with health regulations.

Photo: Grupo Megamedia - Diario de Yucatan

In 2020, 315 businesses were suspended for not complying with the rules against Covid. In this month, there are already six businesses that were sanctioned.

MERIDA Yucatan (Megamedia) – Since March of last year, when the surveillance protocol began under decree 195/2020, 315 businesses have been temporarily suspended for non-compliance with prevention protocols. Covid-19 or for failing to comply with sanitary determinations during the “dry law.” So far, in 2021, six businesses have already been penalized.

The Directorate against Sanitary Risks, together with the State Coordination of Civil Protection, reported that to continue protecting the health of the Yucatan people, surveillance and supervision of businesses continues so that they comply with the protocols established in the Agreement of Safe Economic Reopening of the state and that the economic reactivation of Yucatan can continue.

In response to the information requested by the Diario de Yucatan regarding the sanctions on businesses for not complying with the health measures established by the pandemic and other actions established in the entity to prevent and combat Covid-19, the State government added that the results of the latest evaluations would be released soon.

It was also reported that among the most common irregularities were:

  • The hours and days of permitted activities are assigned to their business line.
  • Not having the Economic Reactivation Registry.
  • Not having entrances and exits, physical barriers, sanitary filters, or the performance of restricted activities.